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Friday, July 3, 2020

If covid was real


F*ck you, I wouldn't do what they told ya

Chances of dying from the covid19📌

Geneva, 14th July 2020                                                                        CHART DATA BELOW

Pointless repeating that #covid19 is a compete hoax and a farce, but there it is.

I have studied the numbers mainly from freely available and for the past 122 days and I've updated my Excel spreadsheet daily. So today I made a call on the real number of dead from a "flu-like virus/Covid19 to be 0.037% of the total number officially used.

All the lying media and shills go on about are the new cases, hot spots, new cases which are in fact IRRELEVANT. The only numbers you need are the number of dead and the population.

No one has died in Switzerland of so called #Covid since July 2nd, yet near one week later these  morons introduce wearing masks on public transport, this is not about a virus, it's about control.

Geneva, 2nd July 2020

I am planning on doing a podcast soon and give me current thoughts on this hoax. It's clear now that the mask wearing was ridiculous and is easily tested, put on a mask and go into any busy kitchen and see if the mask blocks out all the smells.

Another part of the scam and a red herring is testing. Our DNA contains coronavirus and if they really had a working accurate test, we would all test positive for #covid.

The most important number is 99.99%. We now have 6 months of data that is the only number you need to prove there is no pandemic, the survival rate for the human race is currently over 99.99%

Looking back at some videos from the so called outbreak in Wuhan and all the people falling over and collapsing on the streets, all IMHO crisis actors.

Anyone trying to push testing as the only answer besides a vaccine is shilling.

Anyone pushing vaccines is shilling

Not buying it was modified in the Wuhan lab

Would you plan on take HCQ next year for the flu, hardly, pushing this is suspect

Geneva, 2nd June 2020

The Covid19 hoax is all out there for anyone to see. Insert influenza/flu-like when folks mention covid.

We had less people die in Switzerland this year over last!

Our 2019-2020 flu season was hijacked.

Geneva, 6th May 2020

I have come to the conclusion that the #Covid19 virus does NOT exist.

They can't reproduce it yet, then what are they testing for as it isn't the so called scam of #covid1984 strain.

Since my first tweet about a #coronavirus death on January 21st 2020, I have researched podcasts, godcasts, youtube, bitchute, audio, pdf, twitter, bookface etc and in the end the Numbers Are Not There.

Criminals like neil ferguson should not be allowed to fade back in the background with his lover rather than answering for his crimes against humanity and all the blood on his hands. He along with his criminal buddies came up with all the scary numbers that were widely used around the world when these scum knew it was another flu like virus we get every year, that changes and mutates.

1) Can't reproduce the virus
2) Test kits are a joke, actually who needs a test kit, you look C19+
3) Death certification is scam in many countries, as in dying with or from C19+
4) How about that 17 year old tv clip about a coronavirus and the magical cure
5) Doesn't matter if the infected numbers are huge, always the same, small amount of people die like just about every year.